Go Green: Saving Water Saves Money and Resources
Outdoor Water Conservation Tips
Indoor Water Conservation Tips
Ford’s Colony’s water supply comes solely from underground aquifers. This water is pumped to a water treatment facility before reaching the water utility’s reservoirs, distribution system and your tap. The James City Service Authority (JCSA) operates the water system, which produced an average of 9.97 million gallons per day for its 22,794+ service connections during 2020.* 

Increased residential and commercial construction increases water demand. In addition, a recent Water Supply Study prepared for the utility indicated that groundwater levels are decreasing. As residents of James City County, we can do our part though implementing water conservations measures inside and outside our homes. By reducing our water needs, we help the environment and our pocket books! Saving water saves money.
* Information provided through the 2020 Annual Water Quality Report.