FACILITIES AND AMENITIES IN FORD'S COLONY
                                                Award-Winning Planned Community
Facilities - An all-inclusive term referring to all the recreational facilities and grounds associated within Ford's Colony Homeowners Association.
S&T Club Facility includes: Meeting facility space consisting of two large meeting rooms and three smaller meeting rooms for Activities Club Meetings and Social Rentals; a Full Kitchen; Library, Patio, Pool with Bathrooms, Gazebo/Observation Deck located in-between courts, Tennis Courts, Pickleball Courts, Basketball Hoop and Playground.  
Westbury Park Facility includes: Pavilion; Pool; Slide; Bathrooms with Shower; One Grass Volleyball Area; Tennis Courts; Bocce Court; Basketball Court; Ball Field and Playground.
Community Services: Includes two meeting rooms, CSB Exercise Studio and RV/Boat Storage Lot.
Common Area Facilities: Leisure Trail; Nature Trail; Williamsburg West Pond.
  • S & T Club Facility:
    • S&T Club - Includes a multi-purpose room of 3,200 total square feet, which can be partitioned into two sections;
    • Magnolia I - 2,000 square feet and Magnolia II - 1,200 square feet, combined make the Grand Magnolia.
      • Includes a full kitchen for use of Activities Clubs and Private Social Parties.
    • Smaller meeting rooms include Dogwood and Mulberry, and the Library can be used for meetings or card playing;
    • Patio located off of the Magnolia Rooms, has seating and several outdoor grilles for resident use. For private events, this space needs to be reserved in advance and fees may apply;
    • 25-meter swimming pool has a wading pool for young children, men's and women's restroom and an outdoor shower;
    • Two-Hard Surface Tennis Courts;
    • Two Courts Marked for 6-Pickleball Courts;
    • Gazebo (observation deck) with tables and chairs located in-between the tennis and pickleball courts;
    • Basketball court located at the bottom of the parking lot;
    • Playground area with equipment for ages 0-12 years. Children must be accompanied by a guardian or parent
  • Westbury Park Facility:
    • Open-air Westbury pavilion includes picnic tables and grilles; 
    • Multi-purpose room with refrigerator and sink for use when renting pavilion;
    • Snack and Drink Machine (Seasonal);
    • 8-lane, 25-meter swimming pool with a zero-depth entry into the pool;
    • Pool Slide;
    • Men's and Women's Restrooms with Shower;
    • Grass area for Volleyball (Seasonal);
    • 6-Soft Surfaced Tennis Courts
    • Bocce Court;
    • Two Basketball Hoops/Courts;
    • One Ball field with softball diamond;
    • Playground area with equipment
  • Community Services Building
    • CSB Exercise Studio is 1,350 square feet, with an open floor plan used by the Activities Clubs. 
    • CSB Meeting Rooms A & B are used for Board and Standing Committee Meetings. 
  • Common Area Facilities:
    • 12 miles of paved leisure trails
    • Nature Trail (1.3 miles) 
    • Williamsburg West Pond is only one of the 13 ponds the FCHOA maintains as common areas. Catch-and-release fishing is allowed in these ponds, fully stocked with bass, bream and carp. Residents require a Virginia fishing license and must use barbless hooks in order to fish the ponds. Ford's Colony is also a haven for our bird-watchers; heron, eagles, ospreys and of course the marsh hawk, along with many others.    
    • Scavenger Hunt
    • Future Kayak Launch Information                                                                                                                                                    
  • Westbury Park and S&T Club Tennis Courts
  • The Tennis Club welcomes all residents and property owners of Ford’s Colony. Membership in the club encourages and facilitates tennis activities among Ford’s Colony residents of all ages and skill levels.
  • To maximize usage during prime playing hours (8 a.m. to Noon), the Tennis Club schedules courts for organized groups which have a minimum number of permanent players. There are open groups which anyone may join and private groups which accept new members at the recommendation of their current membership.
  • Usage of the tennis courts is open to all Ford’s Colony residents and property owners. Any open court may be reserved by accessing the online court reservation system.  For an overview of the reservation system click here.                                                                                                                                         
  •      S&T Non-Tennis Club Member Reservations;
  •      Westbury Non-Tennis Club Member Reservations       
  • Westbury Park court conditions are updated on a daily basis and may be checked by calling the hotline at 757-258-4707.
  • Proper tennis attire must be worn at all times, and players must sweep and brush lines at the Westbury Park soft courts at the end of play.
  • Westbury Park and S&T Club Tennis Courts (Tennis Club Members)
  • Pickleball Courts at S&T Club  
    • Quiet paddles and balls are required when playing. 
    • Usage of the pickleball courts is open to all Ford's Colony residents and property owners. Club members have specific play time. Any open court may be reserved by accessing the app;
    • Pickleball courts are open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. or during daylight hours and weather permitting.
  • Playgrounds at the S&T and Westbury facilities are open daily, during daylight hours and weather permitting. Use at your own risk.
2024 Pool Schedules & Aquatic Club Schedules
Please review the Facilities & Amenities Rules and Regulations Pool Rules here. (Pages 14-18)
All members and their guests are required to sign-in at the podium located at each pool entrance. 
Bike parking stands are located at each pool entrance for those riding bikes to the pools. 
Pools and/or pool areas may be closed to general swimming for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to: Lifeguard availability, weather, repairs, water quality testing, and lack of attendance. Lifeguards may close pool for 15-minute safety breaks during general swim if needed. 
When the pool facilities are closed for weather events, updates may be checked by calling the facilities hotline at 
757-258-4707 or signage will be placed outside of the pool facility. 
Use of the facilities at your own risk.  
All FCHOA facility users need to be mindful of the following information:
Smoking: The use of products emitting smoke or visible vapor, including but not limited to tobacco, marijuana, hemp and synthetic/natural components intended for inhalation/exhalation other than breathing. Smoking is prohibited within all FCHOA buildings and within fenced facility grounds. Smoking is prohibited on any common property while being used for a scheduled event or activity.
Weapons: With the exception of law enforcement, weapons are not permitted on FCHOA facilities.
See Facilities & Amenities Rules and Regulations for full list of rules & regulations for the facilities.