A Look Back — Ford’s Colony’s History
Ford’s Colony has over 3,000 acres of beautiful space including a two-mile nature trail, leisure paths and a wildlife preserve. We enjoy recreational facilities suitable for all ages. Our many neighborhoods reflect thoughtful planning and continued care to maintain the high standards Ford’s Colony residents have come to expect. In an effort to capture the journey from concept to present day, the Board of Directors tasked several volunteers to prepare a history of Ford’s Colony and a separate series of articles focused solely on the Colony’s beautiful landscape. Muriel Weaver and Nancy O’Reardon took on the task of documenting our community’s history, and Kris Saunders (initial Chair of the Beautification Subcommittee, which later became the Landscape Design Subcommittee) with assistance by Patrick Dennehey, Horticulturist for Ford’s Colony tackled the history of landscaping.
These brief glances back in time highlight the milestones in the growth of Ford’s Colony over the years. So take a look and learn about the Colony’s history — a look at the past allows us to understand the present and plan for the future.