Time to Go Green

Welcome to Ford’s Colony Go Green webpages where you can learn about the association’s efforts to incorporate environmentally friendly yet cost-effective methods to conduct day-to-day operations and the resources for you to do the same at home.

Why not go green at home? Making your home eco-friendly can have several positive effects on a family’s bottom line, while helping the environment. For example, installing smart irrigation controllers and ultra low flow toilets save water and money. Simple changes like replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs reduces energy costs. Purchasing green products like organic pest control products, household cleaners and beauty aids help protect the environment from the introduction of harmful chemicals into local and regional waterways.  

Interested in learning more? Considering incorporating green technology into your home or garden? Ford’s Colony’s Green Standards are the first stop when changing your home’s exterior or landscape design. Learn more about the association’s site work and landscape policies or the installation guideline for solar panel installation. For other helpful Go Green tips, take a look at the topics on the left.

Give Your Lawn Some Love

Need help keeping your yard green? Colonial Soil and Water Conservation District can help! The District’s new Turf Love Program educates James City County residents with environmentally friendly lawn care practices. The program includes a visit from a trained Master Gardener, a volunteer Lawn Ranger, and the analyzed soil sample. The Lawn Ranger provides site-specific lawn care guidelines, including tips on fertilizing and conservation advice. Residents can enroll in the online at https://www.colonialswcd.net/turf-love for only $30.

Direct comments or questions regarding conservation issues to the Green Coordinator at go.green@fchoa.net.