Go Green: Why Energy Conservation Makes Cents
Other Energy Conservation Resources
Alternative Power Sources
Solar Energy
Energy conservation reduces the stress on our pocketbooks and our reliance on fossil fuels. Implementing simple strategies can reduce energy use. For example, use your thermostat to keep costs down. Dominion Power suggests lowering your thermostat to 68° F in winter and 78° F in summer, and adjusting the temperature 5 to 10 degrees when leaving your home for more than four hours. Check out Dominion’s energy conservation tips.

Virginia Natural Gas also offers tips to keep energy costs in check. The gas company also offers an online energy audit and rebates for homeowners. 

Alternative energy sources can reduce our carbon footprint, but need careful consideration prior to installation. Solar use is increasing in popularity and efficiency, but require HOA approval. Check with the staff at the Community Services Center before you begin.