Go Green: What to Do With Waste - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, or Trash
Reuse and Repurpose Unwanted Items - Recycling Programs
VPPSA Recycling Programs
Medical Waste
Curbside Refuse Pick Up
Saving precious resources means thinking twice about throwing things in the trash. Much of the waste we generate can be recycled. The big question is how to dispose of those unwanted items. Though many items can be tossed in the green recycle bin for curbside pick up, other items require drop off at a recycling center. 
WWW.Earth911.com contains an online recycling resource guide to find the right recycling center. It's easy. Just click on a category and find your item, scroll down to the Recycling Locator, type in your zip code and select the material. The Recycling Locator generates a list of local recyclers, locations, and the type of materials accepted. The page also provides information on how to prepare the item for recycling and answers to frequently asked questions. Please keep in mind, some recyclers may charge a handling fee for certain items. Check with the recycler for details.

Remember, recycling isn’t just about ridding your home of unwanted items. Consider donating gently used and working items to local charities. Call or check the organization’s website to confirm the charity’s willingness to accept your item.  Safely recycling products protects our environment, preserves our natural resources and reduces the trash bound for landfills.
Reuse and Repurpose Unwanted Items
Local charities are always on the lookout for gently used items. Call or check the organization’s website to confirm the charity’s willingness to accept your item. Here are a few of the local charities accepting items:

Have another favorite charity that collects donated goods? Let us know! Send an email to the Green Facilitator at go.green@fchoa.net
Recycling Programs
Where to recycle depends on what’s being recycled. Use the green bin to recycle cardboard and paper, plastic and glass containers and metal cans for curbside pick up. Drop off yard waste at one of the county’s convenience centers. Hazardous waste requires special handling and should be dropped off at a hazardous collection event.
James City County Recycling Programs
Most of the items we recycle can be tossed in the green recycling bin for curbside pick up or dropped off at one of the three convenience centers operated by James City County. 

Residents can dispose of trash and recyclables at the Convenience Centers. Some items like yard waste and brush, some electronics, construction debris and tires require coupons, which can be purchased online or at several locations in the county.  
Virginia Peninsulas Public Service Authority's Recycling Programs (VPPSA)
Curbside recycling is provided through the Virginia Peninsulas Public Service Authority. VPPSA also operates the county’s household hazardous materials programs, which includes disposal of household chemicals, electronics and compact fluorescent light bulbs. 

VPPSA holds five hazardous waste collection events each year. Residents can drop off unwanted household chemicals, electronics, and rechargeable batteries. Check the VPPSA website for information on acceptable items and any special packaging requirements for disposal. 
VPPSA Hazardous Waste Collection Events do not accept medications. Sharps can be disposed of in household trash. 
Curbside Refuse Pick Up
Curbside refuse pick up in Ford’s Colony is provided by Republic Services or County Waste Disposal, and bulk trash pick up is available through James City County.