Why Volunteer?
Ford’s Colony cannot function without the many volunteers who assist on the standing and ad hoc committees authorized by the Board of Directors.  The opportunities range from committees that enhance life in the Colony to being a member of the Board of Directors.  Our volunteers help keep Ford's Colony a vibrant community where current and future residents want to live.  Learn more about the Board and Committees in this video.
What Committee Openings are Currently Available?
If interested in serving on any committee, complete a volunteer application form.
Available Openings:
Do you like to share the latest news with your friends, family, and neighbors? Are you interested in being in the know about all the great happenings in Ford’s Colony?  The Communications Committee is looking for creative and fun folks who have a nose for news and a variety of interests and skills in writing, editing, and photography. Opportunities include Talk of the Colony magazine, the What’s Happening in Ford’s Colony e-newsletter, the website, and our Ford’s Colony Living Facebook page. The committee is particularly interested in expanding its web and social media presence. For more information, contact Terry Weisz at FCcommunicationschair@gmail.com.


The Covenants Committee serves as a neutral and objective hearing tribunal that determines whether there have been violations of the HOA declarations, bylaws and rules and regulations. One committee member currently is needed who can fairly assess facts and understand and interpret governing documents. Legal, mediation or HOA background is useful but not necessary. For more information, contact chair Tommy Michaels at 757-345-5844 or covenants.fchoa@gmail.com
Landscape Design 
A subcommittee of the Roads & Maintenance Committee, Landscape Design is seeking two additional members who have knowledge of landscape gardening in Williamsburg and an interest in garden design. Committee members evaluate FCHOA common areas for landscape and hard scape refreshment and work together to develop landscaping plans for these areas. For more information, contact Elyse Lehman at 757-603-6210 or Gina Clayton at 757-345-9311.


Under the direction of the Board, this committee  executes the Colony's marketing plan and utilizes its website and other strategies to increase awareness and promote the Ford's Colony lifestyle locally and regionally. The committee seeks members who are familiar with social media, who will collaborate with other members and partners and who will reach out to residents and volunteers to help tell our story. The committee meets monthly and members work approximately 2-5 hours a month. For more information, contact Jon Klem at 703-307-9849.
The Nominating Committee currently has two openings. Committee members identify, recruit and nominate a slate of candidates to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors, work together to provide information to residents in Talk of the Colony and What’s Happening in Ford’s Colony, organize Meet the Candidate events and supervise the voting and election process in accordance with the governing documents of the association. For more information, contact Dale Calendar at 214-543-4854. See the full description and charter.
Volunteer Management
The Volunteer Management Committee is looking for two new members. The VMC’s primary purposes are resident recruitment for committee openings, volunteer recognition, and overall education regarding the volunteer process. View the full description and Charter Questions can be sent to fcvolunteerchair@gmail.com
How Do I Review or Update My Current Volunteer Application? 
Follow this link to log on to your current Volunteer profile and make any changes. You will be asked to log in with the email address and password you entered when you submitted your volunteer application. If you do not remember your password, please contact the Volunteer Management Committee at fcvolunteerchair@gmail.com.
How do I apply for the Board of Directors?
The Nominating Committee actively recruits for BOD Candidates from May through October, although applications may be submitted throughout the year. For a current election cycle applications must be received by the Nominating Committee no later than October 15. Applications received after this deadline will be kept on file and considered by the Nominating Committee for the next election cycle. For more information, see "Running for the Board-Do I Have What it Takes?"
Board of Directors' Responsibilities:
The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Ford’s Colony HOA. The Board supervises and evaluates the Management Agent, who is responsible for the performance of day to day operations, maintenance, and management of all HOA assets. In addition the Board, with support from the Standing Committees of the HOA, is responsible for:  developing long range strategic planning; financial management through the development and execution of an annual budget; developing Capital Reserve plans and replacement schedules for all HOA capital assets; communications with members, etc. The Board is the interface for the HOA with all governing entities outside our community. Directors are elected to a two-year term and may run for an additional two-year term.
What Does Each Committee Do?
Click on the Committee name for its description and links to its charter and minutes.
Activities Architectural Review Communications Covenants Facilities
Finance Nominating Roads & Maintenance Security Strategic Planning
Technology Volunteer Management      
  • Sanctions and coordinates the various clubs and groups providing social, cultural, educational, recreational and service activities for the enjoyment of property owners and residents
  • Coordinates the programs of various clubs and groups
  • Assists in scheduling the use of recreational facilities within Ford’s Colony
For more information, see the Meeting Minutes and Charter. If interested, complete the Volunteer Application form.
Architectural Review
  • Acts on behalf of the Board in the implementation of Article VI (Architectural Control) of the Declaration of Protective Covenants
  • Reviews all applications for both new construction and addition and modification of existing homes for compliance with the Declaration as implemented in the “Purchaser's Handbook for Single Family Home Building at Ford's Colony”
For more information, see the Meeting Minutes and Charter. If interested, complete the Volunteer Application form.
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Communications (includes Communications Strategy Planning, Editorial Planning and Digital Communications subcommittees)
  • Acts as the internal communications arm of the FCHOA and provides necessary information to owners and residents pertaining to the operation, maintenance and activities of the community
  • Publishes a monthly community magazine, the Talk of the Colony (TOC) containing articles from the Board, committees and neighbors on Colony-specific and general interest issues as well as homeowners’ classified ads and local advertisements
  • Manages the FCHOA.org website, ensuring that information is current and consistent with other internal communications channels
  • Develops, maintains and oversees an email system capable of electronically communicating urgent, important or necessary information from the Board or Management Agent to all residents and owners with email capability
  • Communicates routine information weekly via What’s Happening in Ford’s Colony (WHIFC), an electronic newsletter featuring activities and events of interest to residents and owners
  • Maintains a social media presence for the community via Ford’s Colony Living, sharing news and events with owners, residents and others interested in Ford’s Colony in a readily accessible and visually dynamic format
For more information, see the Meeting Minutes and Charter or read more about the committee's opportunities. If interested, complete the Volunteer Application form.
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  • Serves as a neutral review committee with members whose backgrounds are varied but who work together to determine whether FCHOA guidelines have been violated
  • Represents our HOA to guide residents through the violations process to an acceptable end
  • Candidates for membership: Although legal backgrounds are not required, experience in real estate, residential construction, human resources, or most middle or senior management positions would be a plus. Any background that allowed you to mediate and find solutions based on prescribed rules and regulations would be beneficial.
  For more information, see the Charter. If interested, complete the Volunteer Application form. 
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  • Responsible for the continued well-being of all FCHOA-owned facilities: primarily the Swim & Tennis Club, Community Services Building, both swimming pools, both tennis courts, and the three guard houses
  • Monitors the condition of facilities
  • Identifies the need for current and future maintenance actions by working with the Management Agent on execution and recommending discretionary enhancements
  • Prepares and maintains a Facilities Committee Master Plan that identifies needed project work and funding requirements over the next few years
  • Candidates for membership: Should enjoy working on issues both individually and as part of a team, be effective communicators, recognize the difference between big problems and small ones, are proud of Ford’s Colony’s facilities and want to help make them even greater
  For more information, see the Meeting Minutes and​ Charter. If interested, complete the Volunteer Application form. 
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  • Carries out the FCHOA Finance Committee Charter, which states that the committee exists for the purpose of “… advising and assisting the Board on budgets, financial statements, and other financial matters and policies” 
  • Prepares the annual operating and capital budget
  • Recommends any changes in the homeowners’ assessments in conjunction with its recommendation to adopt budgets
  • Reviews the monthly financial statements prepared by the Management Agent for compliance with the adopted budget and investigate any significant variances
  • Assesses performance and quality of current independent auditors
  • Ensures that a Capital Reserve Study is conducted at least once every five years
  • Identifies and evaluates major projects requiring significant capital operating funds, including evaluating financing alternatives
  • Recommends investment policies for FCHOA reserves and excess operating funds to the treasurer and the Board
  • Coordinates the timely preparation and filing of the Association’s tax filings
  • Reviews continuously the Association’s operations under the jurisdiction of the committee for costs and efficiencies, while not reducing the quality or effectiveness of the operations of the Management Agent or committee
  • Coordinates with other committees of the FCHOA to advise the Board on the financial impact and/or requirements of matters being considered by the committees by focusing solely on financial considerations and taking care not to conflict with the responsibilities of the other committees 
For more information, see the Meeting Minutes and Charter. If interested, complete the Volunteer Application form.
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  • Identifies, recruits and nominates a slate of candidates to run for election to fill annual vacancies on the FCHOA Board
  • Attends standing committee meetings and, on occasion, BOD work sessions to search for Board of Director candidates and understand BOD member requirements
  • Interviews potential Board of Directors candidates and assists them with the application process
  • Arrange and facilitate the "Meet the Candidates" sessions where Ford's Colony residents have the opportunity to meet and interact with the candidates
  • Candidates for membership: Have an interest in contributing to our community and want to learn more about the daily operations of Ford’s Colony
For more information, see the  Meeting Minutes and Charter.  If interested, complete the Volunteer Application form.
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Roads & Project Maintenance (includes Landscape subcommittee)
  • Advises the Board on the operation and use of available resources to maintain, preserve, upkeep and improve roads, drainage systems, streetlight systems, common areas, and related equipment owned, or to be owned by the Association 
  • Landscape Design subcommittee:
    • Recommends updates to the Master Landscape Plan (MLP) for Ford's Colony and recommends and implements projects to enhance the look and feel of Ford's Colony in accordance with the MLP. 
For more information, see the Meeting Minutes and Charter. If interested, complete the Volunteer Application form.
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Security (includes Emergency Preparedness)
  • Monitors the performance of the Security Department by assisting in drafting and implementing policies and procedures and provides guidance and input on the overall security environment here
  • Acts as the liaison between the Board of Directors and the members of the Security Department 
  • Candidates for membership: Should have strong collaborative skills and an interest in helping maintain a safe and secure community. Some prior experience in any public safety or security-related field would be a plus, but is not a pre-condition to serving on this Committee 
For more information, see the Meeting Minutes and Charter. If interested, complete the Volunteer Application form.
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Strategic Planning
  • Advises and assists the Board in identifying, understanding and recommending approaches to strategic issues, both internal and external, that related to the Association’s responsibilities and may have a bearing on the continued well-being and efficient operation of the Association 
  • Creates, updates and continually monitors the FCHOA Five-Year Strategic Plan
  • Conducts ad hoc research as requested by the FCHOA Board 
  • Candidates for membership: The committee seeks to maintain a diverse set of perspectives with members who have leadership experience in strategy development roles in disciplines such as operations, marketing, finance, and service delivery.  
For more information, see the Meeting Minutes and Charter. If interested, complete the Volunteer Application form.
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  • Advises the Board on the use of technology by the Association, the Management Agent and committees of the Board in a manner that will promote the purposes of the Association and its committees in a cost-effective manner
  • Is responsible for providing technology consultation services to other HOA Committees, the Board and other Ford’s Colony affiliated organizations
  • Provides sound, best-practice technology advice and counsel to ensure that such advice or solutions are cost effective and leverage FCHOA technology investments 
  • Candidates for membership: Experience or background in engineering—electrical and electronic, information technology, IT networking, project management, negotiating, website development, brainstorming, and developing project requirements 
For more information, see the Meeting Minutes and Charter. In interested, complete the Volunteer Application form. 
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Volunteer Management
  • Manages Ford’s Colony volunteerism strategies and processes through effective communication with all stakeholders
  • Maintains current volunteer information via the Volgistics database and committee tracking processes
  • Creates awareness of Volunteer Management and volunteer opportunities within Ford’s Colony through targeted communications and presentations, as appropriate
  • Recognizes volunteers for continuing efforts via appreciation events and communications
For more information, see the Meeting Minutes and Charter. If interested, complete the Volunteer Application form.
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