2021 Board of Directors Election
Candidates for Board of Directors Election
The FCHOA Nominating Committee has announced the following slate of five candidates for the 2021 Board of Directors election.  Please scroll down to view the complete list of candidates.
View the Virtual "Meet the Candidates" Webcast
New! This pre-recorded webcast is a moderated, unabridged session featuring a welcome from Bob Moeller, candidates’ responses to residents’ questions submitted in advance, and candidates’ closing remarks. 
Three Viewing Options:
  1. View Entire MTC Webcast (Welcome, Q&A, Closing Remarks)
  2. View Candidates' Q&A by Topic/Question
  3. View Candidates' MTC closing remarks (see "New" link by each candidate's photo)
(To view videos in the closed captioning mode, click CC at the bottom right on the video frame.)
Candidates' Q&A by Topic/Question
Are special assessments the new normal?
What strategies will you pursue to investigate ways to reduce operational costs in Ford’s Colony?
What are the drivers of value you would highlight regarding our real estate at Fords Colony?
What would you propose to better market our FCHOA?
How important do you think it is for Ford’s Colony to be a true multi-generational community?
How will you ensure our standards are enforced and future violations and associated variances are stopped?
Do you agree that failure to obey stop signs is a significant safety issue and what actions should be taken?
What changes to the FCHOA budgeting process would you recommend to make the process easier for the residents to understand?
What will you focus on during your term? How will you measure your progress?
Will you describe your vision of Ford’s Colony in the next 3-5 years?
Submit Questions: You can submit follow-up questions for the candidates by email to nominating.fchoa@gmail.com by January 20. Candidates’ responses will be consolidated and posted here.
2021 BOD Election at a Glance
Learn About the Candidates
  • Candidates were announced on November 12 in this Official Announcement.  
  • View the candidates' introductory video statements and bios on this page.
  • The "Meet the Candidates" virtual webcast was recorded on January 7 and is posted on this page.
  • Residents are able to submit follow-up questions after the “Meet the Candidates” virtual webcast is posted.
  • Candidates’ responses to follow-up questions will be posted here during the voting period.
Vote for the Candidates
  • Voting Period:  January 4 - February 5, 2021.
  • During the first week of January, residents should have received an email with a link to vote (one ballot per household/lot owner).
  • Voting instructions were also mailed with the January FCHOA assessment billing.
  • Vote for up to four candidates for the four open seats.
  • Note: Only electronic ballots will be used this year, so remember to contact Community Services (757-258-4230) if you have questions or need help.
Stay Tuned
This Official Announcement provides an overview of the election process.  Look for further details here and in future Official Announcements, as well as What’s Happening in Ford’s Colony and Talk of the Colony.