Dance Club
Keep on Dancing!!
June 5th - Ballroom (tango, salsa review) 6:30 pm at S&T Club
June 12th - Line dance lesson - Beginners 6:30; More Advanced 7pm at S&T Club
June 19th - Ballroom practice night - at the S&T Club at 7:00 p.m. (must RSVP and meet a minimum number of people to be held)
June 26th - Line dance Practice night at Exercise studio (Only if 5 people RSVP)
Dance Opportunities in Our Area
  • No prior dancing experience is needed to join.
  • You do not need a partner for either Ballroom or Line dancing. Singles are welcome.
  • Dance Club meets 4 times a month.  
1st Tuesday at S&T Club - Ballroom Dance Instruction  taught by a professional dance instructor.
  2nd Tuesday at S&T Club - Line Dance Instruction taught by an experienced line dance instructor.
  3rd Tuesday at S&T Club - Ballroom "practice night" focus is on our current dance lesson as well as practicing all other ballroom dances. Catherine Carey & Peggy Meyers will help coordinate.
  4th Tuesday at Community Service Bldg. (CSB) in the exercise studio- Line dance "practice night”, 15-20 minutes reviewing harder dances or basic line dance steps with remaining time practicing current and previous dance lessons.  Becky will lead the practice.
  • It is recommended that you bring a bottle of water to keep hydrated.
  • 3 social dance parties are held each year.
Further Information on Ballroom and Line Dancing Lessons for New Members
Dance lessons at a studio are very expensive. Our $20 per person per year membership fee is a substantial saving and includes both our amazing ballroom lessons taught by a professional dance instructor, as well as our fun line dance lessons. If you want to try us out before joining, the Guest fee is $5.00 per session. You fill out a membership form and pay the dues at the first lesson you attend. Please remember to sign in too. Our dues cover the cost of the monthly dance instruction.
We hold 3 social “Dance Parties” a year. We appreciate any help planning or decorating. The party is open for all members and any guests they want to invite. Instead of dance lessons, we socialize and have fun dancing. We do a mix of line dances, ballroom, and popular dances. Tables and chairs are set up and everyone brings an appetizer to share and BYOB. See Talk of the Colony for dates and times, and keep on dancing!
Missed a class? Want to review what you learned?
The following links are available in case you miss a class and want to see what we were taught or if you want to review dance steps you learned. We update them after every class. We thank member Don Douglas for recording the lessons.
Videos of our Line Dance Lessons   Videos of our Ballroom Dance Lessons
Members please keep checking below to see current dancing opportunities in the area. We are posting the information here to keep the number of e-mails sent to you at a minimum. Make plans to attend events with other Dance Club members for even more fun!
We also maintain a list of dance class lessons in the Williamsburg Area. This list will be updated periodically.
  • USA Dance monthly dance at Quarterpath Rec Center.  For more information go to, click events to look at the dance information.