Tennis Club
Ford’s Colony Tennis Club
The Tennis Club welcomes all residents and property owners of Ford’s Colony. Membership in the club encourages and facilitates tennis activities among Ford’s Colony residents of all ages and skill levels.
To maximize usage during prime playing hours (8 a.m. - noon), the Tennis Club schedules courts for organized groups which have a minimum number of permanent players. There are open groups which anyone may join and private groups which accept new members at the recommendation of their current membership.
Usage of the tennis courts is open to all Ford’s Colony residents and property owners. Any open court may be reserved by accessing the online court reservation system link listed below.  The court reservation system may only be accessed by HOA residents.
Proper tennis attire must be worn at all times, and players must sweep and brush lines at the Westbury Park soft courts at the end of play.
Tennis Club members pay annual dues of $15.00.
Swim & Tennis Club has two hard courts. Westbury Park has six soft courts.
Online Court Reservation System  (HOA Resident Access Only)
To join a scheduled group at the appropriate skill level, a member should contact the Tennis Club Membership Director, Maurice Nestor at 757-645-3089 or  
The Tennis Club sponsors a number of tournaments and social events, which include inter- and intra- club matches, socials, luncheons, and beginner and advanced clinics.  
2018 – 2019 Tennis Club Officers and Directors
President Nancy Marsh   Vice-President Gary Reutter
Secretary Tina Brooks   Treasurer Stuart Seaton
Facilities Tom Duke   Communications Pam Neuhaus
Membership Maurice Nester   Scheduler Helen Greco
Men’s Activities Larry Zensinger   Women’s Activities Mo Costantino
Youth Activities Gil Sydell