Trailblazer Club
Trailblazer Club
The Trailblazers’ Club’s mission is to encourage enjoyment of nature via education and outdoor activities including walking, bicycling, kayaking and trail stewardship. The club assists in maintaining the Ford’s Colony Nature Trail, organizes outings to nearby trails and parks, and holds monthly meetings featuring speakers on a variety of nature-related topics.  Dues are $5 per year. The club usually meets the second Monday of each month (except July, August, and December) at 7 p.m. in the S&T Club. For more information, contact
The Nature Trail
A nature trail within Ford’s Colony was first proposed by interested residents in the early 1990’s to allow them to take in remote areas of the “Colony” while conserving and enjoying its natural resources.  Several potential sites were identified, with the wetlands/greenspace running from John Pott and Edinburgh to Westbury Park selected as most suitable. 
Resident enthusiasm for these projects led to dozens of volunteers completing the planning and construction phase.  They blazed the trail; built bridges, walkways, bulletin boards, benches and bike racks; spread wood chips; and placed signs identifying trees, bushes, vines and wild flowers. Generous companies donated telephone poles, railroad ties and treated lumber.  The Ford’s Colony management company provided manpower and financial assistance for construction.  The Ford’s Colony Homeowners Association now provides maintenance on these community assets.
Trailblazers' club grew from those volunteers who participated in building the Nature Trail.  The club continues to play a role in its promotion and upkeep.  Click here for a map and description of the trail.
Adventure Outings
In the Spring and Fall, the club organizes half-day walking, bicycling and/or kayaking outings to area parks, trails, or historic sites. Some adventures involve a single activity, such as walking, but many offer multiple options with distances ranging as follows:
  • Walkers average about 3 to 4 miles, but not more than 5 miles
  • Kayakers average  about 5 miles, but  not more than 10 miles
  • Bikers average about 10 miles, but not more than 20 miles
The groups rendezvous after their activity over lunch or a snack at a restaurant or a picnic area.
The latest schedule of outings may be found HERE.   A few videos of past outings are provided below.
Local Trails to Explore
The Club’s Treasurer, Sally Frazer, has explored many local walking trails with her daughter and her dog. She has written an excellent article describing her favorite trails and how to access them. Check out here tips and get out and explore!
The club holds monthly meetings which usually feature speakers on topics related to the natural world, environmental issues, local history and more. The club also holds an annual potluck dinner and an ice cream social.  While eating and socializing, we view videos of outings held during the previous months.  Join us sometime and see if this club might be right for you!
The charter for the club can be found here.
Ford's Colony Nature Trail History
Ford's Colony Nature Trail History - Trailer
 Adventure Outings
Spring 2015
Fall 2013
Winter - Spring 2014
Fall 2014
* Due to copyright restrictions governed by Youtube, some the music on this video has been deleted.